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Massage center Lahore provides the best massage services for relaxation and ease for you. We are providing our services in Gulberg and Johar town Lahore.

Thai Massage

Thai massage helps with back pain. It helps to move your joints and muscles and improve the stance.

Oil Massage

Use for skin nourishment ,increase the skin blood flow, improve the skin health and maintain moisture.

Deep Tissue Massage

Relief the stress ,pain and arthralgia pain. Deep tissue Massage increases the blood flow and reduces the soreness.


Aromatherapy reduces the stress, pain, anxiety and provides better treatment in headache, migraine and better for good sleep.

Couple Massage

Couple massage relaxes them physically and mentally. Reduce the anxiety, stress and tension. Invigorate the feelings of caring.

Foot Massage

Foot massage Stimulates the better sleep and improves blood flow. Improve the immune ramifications and  energy level .

Hot Stone Massage

Reduce the muscle cramps ,pain ,tension and stress. Improve relaxation, blood flow ,sleep, skin and energy.

Our Clients Says

Umar Aslam

Massage center Lahore is the best massage center in the city. I am really satisfied with all the services and qualified staff that provide the best massage services which make me fully relaxed and at ease.

Amman Ali

Massage center Lahore provides amazing and caring services. Its environment is very peaceful and relaxing and it has a very professional therapist. Wonderful, the massage was excellent and I feel relaxed. I will be back again.

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    Go to the Massage Center in Lahore and experience a state of wellness and relaxation that you won’t ever forget. The massage Center has a great choice of treatments which include facials, exfoliating body treatments, Massage therapy, pedicures and manicures to enable you to create your spa day special.

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    Only Massage

    RS: 3000

    One Hour

    Full Package

    RS: 5000

    One Hour

    Special Package

    RS: 8000

    One Hour

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    The massage Centre Lahore is committed to providing you with the very best experience in terms of Massage, deep tissue, thai, deep tissue Massage and oil. To learn more about the Massage Center as well as our team, or perhaps to use for a job with us.

    Massage Centre Lahore

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